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i was blind in vision for some years due to car acciden† †rauma. i see clear now bu† some days li††le blur for almos† year & half. †o come here, pinterest , was awe shock of colour & every†hing to senses. a doc†or ac†ual did ! sugges† †his as †herapy for loss abili†ies in some crea†ive areas of my life. now i am beyond †his to ƒull dreaming pins! †hank you ƒor your kindness & pa†ience * hope & joy for all * and †oo, †here are †he joyous days ~*
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a laugh for you Genevieve...how we cat lady's spend our birthday's ...heee Wink!! xo C { this will be me chanel. i think it is now:)! this is how chloe kisses me and on nose. you are darling to find this

Diese Frau betritt ihre Scheune. Was sie dort findet, verändert ihr ganzes Leben.

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