I sit in the snow glaring at my opponent as were staring at each other fierce.When the clock struck twilight its began MEOW! BARK! WHIMPER! THUD! My opponent is down to the ground.-bows- (The test of your animal doesn't work!!!!)

What's Your Spirit Animal?

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Peaceful water reflections of Fox in the forest woods, drinking at the still waters - wild life / nature/ animal photography pictures / photos


Animal Moms and Kids Giant Panda , Mother and Baby Baby penguin Red fox kit - Standing by mommy Tiny mews

Eine Fähe mit ihrem Jungen, der kleine Wicht schaut seine Mami herzallerliebst an. Was will er ihr sagen?

Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen: Naturfotograf des Jahres 2016: die besten Bilder: 1. Platz, Säugetiere

Foxes: Vixen Red ~ With Her Cub. (Photo By: Gabi Marklein.) Look at the adoration….

Bear And Wolf’s Unlikely Friendship Captured By Finnish Photographer

"Photographer Lassi Rautiainen captured the profound partnership between a she-wolf and a brown bear in the wilds of northern Finland. For days, he witnessed the strange pair meet every evening to share food after a hard day of hunting.

Ethereal nature

Three Wolves, Quebec, Canada Photo by - Daniel Parent from Amazing Things in the World, fb

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