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an empty room with wooden floors and white walls is seen in this image from the inside
REFLEX² Wall reduces the design language of the product family to the essentials and completes it with an extremely flat wall luminaire. As an uplight, REFLEX² Wall picks up on the principle of indirect lighting, emitting intense, soft light into the room via the ceiling and wall, thus providing absolutely glare-free light for offices, private rooms and more extensive projects.
a living room with a table and chairs in front of large windows overlooking the city
SMART.ELECTRIC is a motorised curtain system for controlling fabric curtains for shading and privacy. SMART.E can be operated via building technology, hand-held transmitter or smartphone. There are three formal variants in eight different finishes. The SMART.E sets come with delicate free-standing ends or fit from wall to wall. The technology is invisible. The material falls naturally and unimpeded because the motor is offset via a gear.
a close up view of an electronic device with buttons on the front and side of it
This space-saving, unplugged In-Tank® WC features improved aesthetics and easy maintenance, with all elements integrated, including the cistern. Co-innovation with Siamp based on the Venturi Effect. Patented solution. The innovative Roca Rimless® Vortex, extra-silent flush and Supraglaze® antimicrobial glazing guarantees maximum hygiene and cleanliness. This all-in-one solution is fast and easy to install, and the integrated seal-free flush system also provides extra-safety against leakage.
an empty dining room with tables and benches
The porcelain stoneware series SOLID TONES combines three looks, six colours and nine formats in a modular system for architects that allows both single-variety installations and diverse combinations. Stone, the delicate stone look, Concrete, the simple concrete look, and Grain, the discreet grain structure. All SOLID TONES designs are unobtrusive and unfold their clear, modern character in the room.
an open shower head with water running from it and a green plant growing on the wall
GROHE Everstream
With GROHE Everstream, GROHE is creating a water-recycling shower system that tackles global water scarcity and energy consumption (using only a quarter of the water and a third of the energy of a traditional shower), giving consumers the chance to actively have an impact on the way we use natural resources. Everstream is presented with a clear, intuitive user interface and a concealed design, that blends perfectly into any bathroom environment.
the kitchen sink is clean and ready to be used by someone in their home or business
GROHE SmartControl Dual Spray
The GROHE SmartControl Dual Spray – available in various designs and colours – is the next generation of smart control experience, where efficiency and hygiene are paramount. With a sleek design unit, with no levers or handles, users can start and stop the water by pushing a button and adjust the amount of water by turning the knob. The pull-out spout with multiple spray types ensures high flexibility, while the magnetic docking guarantees easy retraction and secure docking of the spray head.
three round tables sitting in front of large windows on the floor next to each other
Nº 6 TABLE Collection
Nº 6 TABLE Collection is a family of four sculptural coffee and side tables featuring round-shaped Shongololo millipede legs. The tables are made from matt-lacquered ash wood and available in four colours – inspired by South Africa's savannah plains where the Shongololo roams. Black evokes the region's turf soils; terracotta the rooigrond (red soil). Green encapsulates the lush fields after summer rains; natural ash wood echoes the straw-coloured, dry winter grass.
a living room with a large lamp on top of it's stand next to a fire place
An innovative proposal in Rimadesio’s design portfolio. Structural elements such as jambs and frames are gradually eliminated to create elements that can be inserted into environments, capitalising on the superior qualities of an exclusive material such as aluminium. A double-sided full-height solution, flush with the wall, with a minimal design conceived to recreate perfect continuity with the surrounding architecture.
three black trash cans sitting in the middle of a room with large windows on each side
CUBE promote an unadorned plain design, inspired by geometrical shapes, which nevertheless does not lack any of the functions of a modern kitchen. A consistent grain on the front and handle strips which disappear nicely into the mitre-cut side panels form a matchless stone block-look. The modules are designed in such a way that an exhaust air system, water pipes and our shelving system can be easily integrated behind the slides – without losing out on storage space.
an unusual chair sits in front of a window
With its movement, the SurfBench triggers curiosity, communication between strangers, and encourages the exploration of the spaces we inhabit. The seating feeling is that of a conventional bench; there are neither engines nor electricity, the kinetic energy introduced by an interacting individual is transformed into a smooth wave motion. The bench is designed to help time pass more quickly through playful interaction.
a person is holding two green boxes in their hand and reaching for one on the other
KGT WALL UNIT is a cabinet with drawers. There are four options for you to use and combine: the smallest contains only one drawer and the largest six vertical drawers. The gap between each drawer offers visual lightness and highlights each unit individually. This is a reminder that each drawer can be removed and used on its own, switching from drawer to its original purpose – a storage box.
an object made out of wood on a white surface
MN Accessories
The range's standout feature is its exceptional CMF concept. It combines a centuries-old tradition of wood preservation with precise metalworking to create a clear, high-contrast design language with well thought-out details and harmonious proportions. The wood elements are deep black and carbonized by flambéing, creating a water-repellent, durable and unique surface! The result is an exclusive ensemble of craftsmanship and an art form for natural well-being in the bathroom.
an electrical outlet on a wooden surface with a black wire running through it's center
Introducing unifit electrical outlets, suitable for drywall, wood, and stone. Patent-pending design with innovative screw positioning allows fitting into various plate thicknesses, ensuring the smallest-ever dimensions without compromising installation ease. Installable/removable from the front. Unifit, offered in wired and wireless models, comes with versatile accessories like trim rings, drywall mudding rings, making it universally applicable.
three suspended lights are shown in the middle of an empty room with gray walls and flooring
YONOS is a versatile surface-mounted and suspended lighting system for the requirements of the New Work lighting world: planning flexibility, changeability and sustainability. Lighting inserts with different light distribution curves, functional or decorative inserts can be mounted on one and the same base element and can be exchanged for other inserts when changing use. In addition, creative solutions such as »Ribbon« or »Mikado« can be realised with YONOS.
a wooden shelf with dishes and cups on it
Koyoi means »this evening« in Japanese, and has a romantic, poetic feel to it. How suitable for these little specialties! These five carefully handcrafted and mouth-blown treasures with thick glass bottoms have been selected for a range of your favourite drinks – two wide-open shapes for Martinis and Champagnes, one tall Prosecco glass, and two smaller ones for your Brandy and Liqueur tastings. KOYOI glasses are dishwasher-safe.