The design does this by doing away with the cardboard packaging (green!) and making the packaging the tube itself, if that makes sense. The casing is "Tetra Pak"—milk carton—and the entire thing collapses down to flat by the time you're at the end.

The Perfect Tube of Toothpaste

SavePaste has a three-point agenda: To eliminate the hard-to-squeeze dead space, minimizing toothpaste residue left inside the container; Reduce two packaging to one.


Italian orange wrappers collected over the course of decades were the inspiration for Louise Fili Ltd’s postcard design for SVA Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome

Distillery packaging

Oola Distillery is one of Seattle’s first craft distilleries. They are producing small batches of gin, vodka and whiskey to start. These are spirits made with a true sense of place and a connection to.


Organic Farm (Lindsay Perkins-Student Work) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery