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Writing tips for authors about writing a romance novel
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Writing intense emotions can be difficult, especially when the character is so overwhelmed as to be "numb." Follow these 3 steps for insight into how to layer characters' emotions.

How to Use Layers to Show Intense Emotions

3 Tips to Help You Write Sex Scenes in Fiction | www.natashalester.com.au

Three Tips About Writing Sex Scenes in Fiction

Writing sex scenes in fiction can be difficult and uncomfortable for writers. Here are three tips to help you write memorable sex scenes in your book.

Peeta's Top 10 Tips for Writing YA Romance

Peeta's Top 10 Tips for YA Romance

Top 10 Tips for Writing YA Romance Because what's a good YA novel without an interesting love triangle?

9 romance writing mistakes to avoid

Romance Writing Mistakes

Romance writing requires familiarity with the genre, the ability to write good sex scenes and more. Read the common romance mistakes you should avoid.

If you write romance and use Scrivener, check out this Scrivener template to go with Jami Gold's Romance Beat Sheet

Romance Writers: New Scrivener Template

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Michael Hauge's Workshop: Are These Characters the Perfect Match?

Michael Hauge's Workshop: Are These Characters the Perfect Match

Writing Romance -- Creating deep connections between characters requires us to identify their inner journey.

50 Romance Plot Ideas! – Bryn Donovan

This post was originally titled, “Master List of Romantic Conflicts,” but it really contains big ideas for entire plots. Of course, to write an engrossing love story–whether it…

How to write a romantic novel for all genre lovers

How to Write a Romantic Novel for All Genre Lovers

These tips on how to write a romantic novel will help you create compelling romantic tension and believable romantic story arcs.

How to plot your #romance novel

How to Plot a Romance Novel

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51 must-visit websites for #romance #writers

Websites for Romance Writers

Websites for romance writers provide advice, information on the romance genre, tips on getting published and more. Read our list of 51 top romance websites.

Writing #romance requires knowing what not to do just as much as knowing the ingredients of a great romance novel.

How to Write a Romantic Book - Avoid 5 Mistakes

Post with 288 votes and 123519 views. Awesome couple re-enact Harlequin book covers.

5 (or 6?) myths about romance novels

This post contains sexual language. Many people harbor misconceptions about the romance genre. I used to myself, which is why I didn't read romance for the longest time. As a writer, I often encoun.

5 Reasons You Need to Read What You Write www.thewritingpal.com

5 Reasons You Need to Read the Genre You Write

5 Reasons You Need to Read the Genre You Write ~ The Writing Pal