Entwined Root Furniture from VivaTerra

Entwined Root Furniture from VivaTerra We have a thing for driftwood-y decor. VivaTerra"s Entwined Root line evokes the sea, though the p.

J'adore ! Discret quand il est peu utilisé et très complet si on a besoin de beaucoup suspendre (invités)

Piano Garderobe

Piano Clothing Rack By Patrick Seha for Feld 10 Piano Clothing Rack / Patrick Seha for Feld

Ruimtebesparende kapstok

Line, the elegant storage piece designed by North Carolina’s Davis Furniture—and no design enthusiast would argue the selection. An impossib.

Mega coole DIY Garderobe mit alten Kleiderbügeln

Photo: Mega cool DIY wardrobe with old clothes hangers. Published by Shoe Freak on Spaaz.

Ist Ihre Garderobe langweilig? 10 superoriginelle DIY-Ideen für eine Garderobe - DIY Bastelideen

Vertically Standing Driftwood Coat Rack by DriftingConcepts. Trying to sell for rediculas price.

Stylische Garderobe aus weißen Ästen oder zweigen bauen

30 verblüffende DIY Projekte aus Zweigen und Ästen

DIY wooden coat rack from a branch You end up with more professional and consistent results. The simplest shape for a novice is a rectangular or square one. Obviously, you've to remember to consider exactly what sort you're acquiring.