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"A Trip to Tiffanys" Gallery fine art painting. Modern giclee canvas print abstract palette knife painting - girl w/ red umbrella, rainy evening in the city, shopping, fashion, figurative. Enhance home decor, or delight someone with this special gift. Shades of grey, white, red, & Tiffany Blue. Contemporary art, Tiffany & Co, NYC, canvas prints, make a wonderful gift, gallery wall decor SELECT SIZE small to large 60" - by Internationally Collected Artist, Christine Krainock

"A Trip to Tiffanys" Large Giclee PRINT CANVAS PRINT of Original abstract painting girl red umbrella walking rain city palette knife paintings modern wall art home decor vertical canvas.

Gaza, Palestine 2014. A picture says a 1000 words.

A little girl from Gaza shuts her dolls eyes with her hand because she is scared that the doll will have to see the horrors that she does. Subhanallah if this doesn't break your heart I don't know what will


It is unbelievable how Isreal can do this and the world turns a blind eye! Where's the humanity? read the talmud new translation---evil !

النكبة، فلسطين، ١٩٤٨ Nakba (=catastrophe), Palestine 1948 Nakba (=catástrofe), Palestina 1948

"Nakba ("catastrophe" in Arabic) of is when Palestinians were ruthlessly attacked, massacred and driven from their homes into refugee camps by Zionist terror groups, and never allowed to return in violation of international law.