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Illustration of a black okapi centaur with a hornbill friend. The okapi was also known as the African Unicorn.

THE AFRICAN UNICORN In 1890 stories of a mythical being looking as a cross between giraffe, zebra and a donkey reached Britain, the stories were dismissed as mere fantasy like the tales of the.

Butterflies and Moths by Kate Osborne

ARTFINDER: Butterflies and Moths by Kate Osborne - I did a series of these Butterflies and Moths, starting with indirect watercolour techniques, and then working back into the images. Again they were inspired. these would make really cool tattoos

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Danny O'Conner

By Danny O' Connor. I love the confidence, she looks like she's ready to take on. whatever task she needs to take on! I also really like the bold lines used above her head, and with different colors too! Very street-art.