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Make your garden smart with Gira products for outdoors. Bring light and electricity to even the most hidden spaces of your outdoor area.
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an overhead view of some plants in the middle of a garden with green and brown colors
Setting light accents
Set accents with lighting that brings your patio to life after sunset. Ideal for long summer evenings.
a wooden deck with plants growing on the wall and lights in the floor below it
Elegance outdoors
Elegant lighting solutions that enhance your outdoor areas. Discover designs that illuminate and inspire.
a mirror that is sitting on the ground in front of some trees and bushes at night
Experience the magic of the night
Let your patio shine in a new light and enjoy every second outside. More info here!
an image of a mailbox on a wooden deck with the word gira above it
Power up outdoors with the Gira energy profile
The Gira energy profile is your go-to solution for outdoor energy needs. Sleek, durable, and designed to blend seamlessly with your landscape, it’s perfect for keeping your devices powered up during outdoor gatherings. Visit our website to learn more!
the moon is reflected in the pool at night with its reflection on the water's surface
Lighting that inspires
Redesign your outdoor area with light that inspires and invites. Visit our page for inspiration!
a circular light sitting on top of a lush green field
Light in style
Set accents outdoors with designs that are both beautiful and practical. Learn more now!
a circular object hanging from the side of a building next to a body of water
Light that changes your world
Experience how the right lighting turns your patio into a comfort oasis. Visit us for exclusive tips!
an image of a street light in the grass with text over it that reads gira
Sleek and efficient: The Gira light and energy profile
Illuminate your outdoor spaces while powering up your essentials with the Gira light and energy profile. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style on our website!
two black vases sitting on top of a table next to a plant in a pot
Modern lighting that enchants
Highlight your outdoor areas with innovative and aesthetic lighting. Click here to learn more!
three glowing balls in the grass at night
Elegant lighting for your outdoor area
Discover how you can transform your patio with stylish lighting. Perfect for long evenings outdoors. Visit our website for more inspiration!
an image of a building that is lit up at night with the words gira on it
Illuminate your evenings with Gira light and energy profile
Experience seamless integration of lighting and power in your backyard with the Gira light and energy profile. Ideal for creating a functional and inviting outdoor ambience. Visit our website for more details!
the cover of garden lighting ideas for the perfect lighting scheme
Shining nights outdoors
Make your evenings unforgettable with the perfect garden lighting. Discover more on our website!
an outdoor lighting design is creating the ideal ambiance for your garden or yard
Redefining garden lighting
Find out how you can create a cosy atmosphere with the right lighting elements. For details, click here!
a living room with two chairs and a table on top of a carpeted floor
Sueño - Terraza Balear
Outdoor spaces bring tranquility and connection with the environment as the protagonists.
there are two vases with plants in them
Refresh your terrace this spring with Gira outdoor products!
Explore new ways to revitalize your outdoor space for the season. 🌷✨ @houseno.22 @janua