Türkische Hefeteigbrötchen mit Schafskäsefüllung: Pogaca

Türkische Hefeteigbrötchen mit Schafskäsefüllung: Pogaca

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Painting with Powertex & Easy3Dflex

Powertexcreations : Fabric stiffener Powertex in combination with Easy flex : detail painting

Kerrie Cribb, Kojonup - Powertex Australia Powertex is an environmentally friendly water based fabric hardener that gives form to crafts and decorations. Powertex dries fast and transparent. It is a hardener for different kinds of materials such as textiles, paper, plush, cardboard, fibre matting and - for instance - can be combined with wood, gauzes, concrete, glass and sand.

I am very excited to bring Powertex to Western Australia’s Southwest. I have always loved drawing. Studied art at High School, then completed a Fashion Teacher’s.