Ukulele x Kunst gestalten

a ukulele guitar sitting on top of a table next to markers and pens
Ukulele customização
a ukulele with an intricate design on it
Kapolena - Etsy
a wooden guitar with the words live, love, and luck written on it sitting on a white sheet
Ukulele Enrolados
a person holding a ukulele in their hand with other items on the wall behind them
Peinture fleur ukulele
a hand holding a decorative mirror with flowers on it next to a window sill
☆ I N S T A: @paigehenze ☆
a wooden guitar is decorated with flowers and leaves on it's back wall hanger
painted ukulele✔️
an orange and white ukulele sitting on top of a couch next to a string
a woman is holding a ukulele in her hands
Cat's Cradle Ukulele Strap
a wooden guitar sitting on top of a carpet covered floor
a woman is playing an ukulele with the great wave on it
a wooden guitar sitting on top of a wooden deck
My Paintings