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terraria build - Google 検索

So I decided to make a comfy Terraria comp I hope you guy's will enjoy it oh and the first three builds I made myself.

bridge terraria - Google Search

I made a bridge and overall i think it's ok, but i still have the feeling that it lacks something.

Depth Tricks for 3D Effect - Album on Imgur

Reminder so I don't forget: Use Shadow Paint on the backwall and hammer a few so it has the effect. Chests, Books, Platforms etc. can be actuated. If not, PAINT EM


It's time for Creation Compendium, a collection of excellent creations created by the amazing Terraria community!

A Ski lodge type house I made recently. - Imgur

Post with 8652 views. A Ski lodge type house I made recently.

terraria house cute - Google Search

This is a thread where I'll be posting my builds and any comics/stories I make. So without further ado, here are some creations Builds Treeopolis (as.

Terraria--Japanese bridge

My name is Loke, I'm an old Dane, and avid builder of things in Terraria, so I thought I would go ahead and make a creation thread to share my.