These look like fun.. Makes and decorate later. Baking soda & cornstarch dough ornaments -English recipe at bottom

Baking soda and cornstarch dough 1 cup baking soda cup cornstarch cups water Always looking for better dough recipes

Clay ornaments

Other shapes for clay or salt dough ornaments, website has great pictures of using beads on the hanging connections (but is partially in another language)

Clay hearts

Salt dough ornaments with a natural impression -- use a rolling pin and leaves, etc., on clay (or salt dough)

idea for cornstarch dough

Could also use baking clay,idea for cornstarch dough, could also make shape of Xmas ornament with person's initials as the cut out

handmade clay hearts

handmade clay hearts roll out and stamp them first - then cut them out with a cookie cutter.

DIY: Simple Neighborly Clay House Ornament Gifts

DIY: Simple Neighborly Clay House Ornament Gifts - Home - Creature Comforts it yourself gifts gifts gifts handmade gifts

DIY: Spring Decoration

DIY: Spring Decoration