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Easy Pillow Bed fold a twin sheet in half long ways and sew ends together, next sew in five equal sections the size of a pillow case, next insert pillows leaving ends open to remove pillows and wash cover.

How to Make Sweater Slipper Boots (2)

How to Make Sweater Slipper Boots

super idea

Make A Pillow Mattress Using IKEA Stuff — Southern Disposition

Southern Disposition: Pillow Mattress Tutorial using one duvet cover and 5 cheap pillows from Ikea. I am not sure what the pillow is for. Maybe one end has 2 pillows for a raised head. Looks pretty simple.

Super Idee für unsere Lounge oder einfach nur zum Relaxen im Haus! Mehrere Kissen aneinander nähen und man hat ein großes Kissen

Sew pillowcases together, stuff, sew shut. instant roll-up slumber party, great for TV watching. tempted to make one out of king-size pillows for myself!