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Geisha performing Traditional Japanese Dance with Fan - see in Kyoto in spring. The geisha is a part of japans culture and is also a tradition. Women from ages can partake in learning the history of the geshia and learning the dances and makeup.

The History of the Japanese Fan Dance

Beautiful Geisha When at a parade in Japan, I got to talk to a Geisha who was not on the float with the other Geishas. Geisha Samurai, Geisha Make-up, Katana Samurai, Geisha Japan, Maiko, We Are The World, People Around The World, Japanese Culture, Japanese Art


The pictures are NOT mine and I don't- always- know WHERE to find them! Sorry!

The geisha’s make-up, origins and techniques in the geisha make-up art, Japan Japanese Culture, Japanese Art, Japanese Folklore, Traditional Japanese, Japanese Style, Japanese Beauty, Asian Beauty, Japanese Makeup, Geisha Make-up - Shop for over 300,000 Premium Domains

The art of being a geisha partially lies in the meticulous application of her make-up. Let’s discover its history and characteristics…

traditional japanese colors in japan kimono colors. - - traditional japanese colors in japan kimono colors… – Source by -

Traditional Japanese Colors: Why Green Isn’t a Color in Japan - Nihongo Master

So why isn’t green a color in Japan? Well, today it is. But it wasn’t always one of the Japanese colors. The Japanese people could always see the color green (of course), but for a long time they didn’t have a word for it. It was thought of as just another shade of blue. The … Read more

One of the popular festivals in Japan is Takayama Matsuri festival. Takayama Matsuri festival in Japan is considered as one of the three mos. Geisha Japan, Kyoto Japan, Japan Japan, Okinawa Japan, We Are The World, People Of The World, Japanese Beauty, Asian Beauty, Japanese Girl


舞妓 ふく帆さん The maiko (apprentice geisha) Fukuho Enquiries: limescl [at]

These are called okobo おこぼ and are only worn by Maiko (apprentice geisha). I wish I could be a geisha.


Okobo clogs . . . We thank you all for your donations and thoughtfulness. But stricken areas still need your help. Please donate to support the ongoing earthquake relief efforts. Cortez77_fr told me the page of the FRENCH Red Cross. Thank you very much for your help. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide. bass_nroll told me "a simple way to donate" for ITALIAN people: The way "is sending an SMS towards the 45500 number. The 2 euro cost for each SMS will be donated to the Italian Red Cross for…

You can tell she's a maiko by the color of her inner kimono. Maiko will commonly wear red or white patterned collars, whereas geisha will wear plain white collars

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Japanese Geisha (芸者), geiko (芸子) or geigi (芸妓) - stunning black and white portrait. Die Geisha, Geisha Art, Geisha Japan, Geisha Makeup, Black White Photos, Black And White Photography, White Picture, Monochrome Photography, White Art


芸妓 菊つるさん The geiko (geisha) Kikutsuru. Together with other geiko (geisha) and maiko (apprentice geisha) of the Miyagawa-cho district, Kikutsuru was visiting tea houses and teachers to wish them a happy new year. © All Rights Reserved by Michael Chandler Enquiries: limescl [at]

Memories of a Geisha. Japanese Beauty, Japanese Fashion, Asian Beauty, Geisha Makeup, Geisha Art, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Girl, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Art Japonais

舞妓まめ藤 惜別 | ちょっとそこまで

たった 二年数か月の間でしたが、 とても深く印象に残りました・・・ 最後の日にお会いできた事に 感謝です・・・

Maiko at Gion Festival, Kyoto, Japan. Photography by Northern-mt on Ganref Go To Japan, Visit Japan, Japan Art, Kyoto, Kimono Chino, Japanese Beauty, Asian Beauty, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Asian Love


Me? Im Perfectly Imperfect. This is a scrapbook of all things I like. Also,

Drawing Hair Techniques Little Miss Paint Brush - Kanzashi (Japanese traditional hair ornaments) - Part 1 of my drawings for Japan Lover Me‘s Kakkoii month last December ♥ x

Accesorios y ropa típica de Japón - nomellamesfriki