Fruit Bouquets: Sweet Fruit Arrangements

Stay at The Dana on Mission Bay in San Diego, CA

Blumenstrauß aus Tomate-Mozarella; Bouquet of tomatos-mozzarella; Party

"Bunch of tomatoes": small cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves (Cheese Ideas Appetizers)

Calla Lily Tea Sandwiches (4 dozen) - 1 (5.2-oz) package garlic and herbs cheese, softened; 1 (3-oz) package cream cheese, softened; 1/4 cup finely chopped toasted walnuts; 1/8 tsp ground red pepper; 1/8 tsp ground black pepper; 48 slices white bread;  Paprika; 2 carrots, peeled; Garnish: green onion.

Calla Lily Tea Sandwiches

Calla Lily Tea Sandwiches - Simply white bread, garlic cream cheese spread carrot, onion etc.----- I usually do not eat white bread.

Salé - Pour l'apéritif, un bouquet de tulipes. Ingrédients : petites tomates "roma", ciboulette, fromage frais à l'ail ou autres, sel, poivre, basilic. J'ai testé, un peu long à faire, mais un beau résultat !

tulip tomatoes 13 large cherry or small Roma tomatoes 14 stalks of green onions or chives for the stems farmers cheese or cottage cheese for filling (or you could use goat cheese, egg or chicken salad) 1 cucumber teaspoon dried basil Salt and pepper

This is really a beautiful Cupcake Bouquet. I don't know if I would eat it.

How to Make a Cupcake Bouquet