Wonderful mix of material for garden path. Cobblestone sectioned between random pattern of bricks (reclaimed bricks offer a softer mellow tone of age along with irregular edges) and plantings of different types of thyme. Bordered with bricks as well.

Broken China Stepping Stones Easy DIY Video Tutorial

River Rock garden walk/ love it. Next house has to have a spot for a large flower garden w some sort of path.would love to do river rock

Stone path A stone flagged path, lined with Nepeta racemosa (dwarf catmint) "Walker's Low and two huge pots of Lathyrus odoratus (sweat pea) "Matucana" leading to the single storey house.

Gartenweg Mosaic.

Jeffrey Bale Pebble Mosaic- heart in path. Could edge your flower beds with cement and pebbles/rocks

The dry streambed of river rocks that seems to flow from one lawn-pond to the other in the upper, contemplative area of this small suburban backyard east of Seattle. Japanese Forest grass is so pretty.

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I love hidden little pieces of interesting both inside the home and in the garden. I think this is on a wall.

splendiferoushoney: Stone Face Moon Sculpture by Marcia Donahue set in fire pit mosaic designed and built by mosaic artist Jeffery Bales at Dan Hinkley’s Windcliff Gardens photo credit Mike Siegel Seattle Times

Sensommar i trädgården

A Virginia Country House garden with lovely garden arches and urn focal point with a white planting theme.

Bricklayer Transforms Stone into Hypnotically Detailed Sculptures

s hypnotic free-form stonework is a swirling spectacle that garners its fair share of attention, and rightly so. The stonemason’s passion for his craft is apparent in every detailed design. From drystone sculptures to pebble mosaics an