Süsse Idee als Raumteiler zb zwischen küche und wohn-/esszimmer

** Could put this on the ledge between dining room/living room** Repurposed Vintage Window Room Divider

2in1 - Gläser recycelt und Treibholz verbaut

Possible DIY project to give your kitchen or dining room that barn country living style with this unique wood and jar lighting.

Interesting idea, I wonder how I could alter it to work for a window that still has glass...

An old window, chicken wire and clothespins for displaying photos- Great for those salvaged windows with broken panes, you can still use the wood frames!

IMG_5126. Love the way this glassed in divider is used. From a practical perspective, does it come with its own supply of windex? A modified version could be used as a room divider in a really large room.

“Cocina, comedor, despensa y planchador”, Premio del Público en Casa Decor

Flip sink and stove? Wall of interior windows if you can't knock down the wall. Between dining room & living room for a more open space(?

An Old Shabby Window for Dividing a Space! The Possibilities....See more ideas with this concept at thefrenchinspiredroom.com

Old doors and windows for room dividing; especially nice in bathroom, dressing room, sitting room home decor areas. - i like this for a bathroom!


Redecorating by Repurposing

This would look great in our bedroom between the two west windows. Love the botanical prints with the window as a frame.

wir haben schöne alte Fenster! wäre eine gute Idee für den Flur

Old Window Frames Are Upgradable : Repurpose Old Window Frames. Repurpose old window frames. old window frames art,old window frames decorated,old window frames diy,old window frames ideas

Selbstgemachte Lampe aus Einmachgläsern DIY

DIY ::: Add vintage charm to your home and stretch your Craft horizons with this cool Mason Jar Light Fixture Tutorial :) outdoor lighting with Edison bulbs.