Libelle basteln aus Naturmaterial. Basteln aus Natur. Natur Bastelideen. Libelle aus Samen und kleinem Ast/Zweig.

For Dragonfly 6 legs -Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculpture; creating art with nature walk finds such as twigs, maple seeds, and other fall finds.

Good technique for wire portrait sculptures

Wire Self Portrait

Basteln mit Holz

Basteln mit Ästen - kleine Waldgeister

bird on a wire

The Wire Wonderland series are created by artist Hayley Dix. The beautiful wireframe birds look like charming, whimsical drawings perching on real branches! They are both abstracted and natural at the same time.

Making lizards out of branches and wire.

1834 Grenödlor och andra figurer making lizards out of branches and wire

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