I wouldn't say life sucks, mines pretty damn great at the moment. But yes, mountain air, a campfire, and some peace and quiet are golden ❤️

Noch mehr Sprüche für jede Lebenslage findet ihr hier: http://www.gofeminin.de/living/album920026/spruch-des-tages-witzige-weisheiten-fur-jeden-tag-0.html

Spruch des Tages: Witzige Weisheiten für jeden Tag

Im crying

<< That's a lie! The bear with the bow treated the one that was all takes apart and lived it and then away abandoned!

#Zitat #Phantasie #AlbertEinstein:

One of my favorite quotes ever: Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is finite.


Being a female is a blessing. Being a successful female is a privilege that not many can get. I'm always looking for Lady Bosses to work with. If you're one hit me up.

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#Quadrasophics #Quadrasophics Shop now: http://quadrasophics.com

When a mother has raised a good son..

A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen.a man who treats his woman like trash is proof that he was born and raised in the arms of trash.