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John and John Hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ alone and remission of sins in Him alone :) look it up

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but what you suppose to do when it was unfinished business and you're still convinced there's another chance? Circumstances that weren't our choice.


Beautiful things happen in the dark. When the sun goes to sleep, when the stars give light kisses, when the moon is a spotlight. Life stays beautiful even when you are covered in darkness.

You'll never find it with someone else until you find it within you

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"It is of practical value to learn to like yourself. Since you must spend so much time with yourself you might as well get some satisfaction out of the relationship". Norman Vincent Peale You'll never find it with someone else until you find it within you

Excerpt from a story I'll never write

Exerpts from a book I'll never write it my new obsession - because I WILL write a book and this has just fueled me!

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I let her go because I knew she could do better and now she's gone I wonder if I should've just been better.

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Happiness: noun the state of being happy. Sounds pretty simple but this state of mind is very hard to acquire. And once you do acquire it, the paranoia of losing it takes over your brain.

you still dream..

You still dream about the people lost in your memory, fabricated by your nostalgia and romanticised by your broken heart.