for oz: tweed and flat cap

you never realize how different little boys clothes are from mens.until you see little boys dressed as tiny men SO CUTE haha

Tortoise Miltzen Glasses, by Moscot

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style-cool-ture: either—or: anchordivision: Moscot - Miltzen “Tortoise Miltzen Glasses from Moscot Originals. The round, full-view shaped frame is named after a family uncle and was first introduced in the Best


Not to be cliche, but Nick Wooster is a bad-ass. The don of mens street style, Nick Wooster has been in the fashion game for the last 25 years. From his position as fashion director of mega-brand …


Canadian Tuxedo: The whole look: the shirt, the jeans, the shoes, the glasses and the beard! (he will laugh at me if he sees this) Habitually Chic® Harrison


There is nothing about this dude's fashion choices that I don't like: clean white shirt, superbly styled (salt-and-pepper) hair, sweet beard, et cetera, et cetera.