Floating Flower Tip - Most flowers float pretty well on their own until they start to pool with water and slowly sink. For a longer lasting centerpiece, use bubble wrap to make little skirts for your flowers.

bandeja para doces

Pretty way to create tiered candy, cookie, cupcake displays. A way to use remaining pieces of battered dishwear, thrift shop finds, dollar store junk.

Rezept: Selbstgemacht! Unser Einhorn Likör + kostenlose Druckvorlage ( Freebie ) Einhornlikör

Rezept: Selbstgemacht! Unser Einhorn Likör + kostenlose Druckvorlage ( Freebie ) Einhornlikör

DIY - zrób to sam na Stylowi.pl

An inexpensive basket wreath,a bit of paint and decoration topped with a candle makes a nice centerpiece.

fliegende Kerzen wie aus Harry Potter - leere Küchenkrepprollen anmalen, LED-Teelicht oben rein, mit Heißkleber Wachsreste auf den oberen Rand zaubern, noch einmal drüber malen, untere Öffnung verschließen und an Draht aufhängen

"Harry Potter" Style Soaring Candles - perfect for your Halloween Porch décor or a Harry Potter birthday party! Livemaster - Spooktacular Halloween DIYs, Crafts and Projects - The BEST Do it Yourself Halloween Decorations

DIY Foto-Ideen: SO setzt ihr eure Bilder kreativ in Szene

10 DIY Foto-Ideen: SO könnt ihr eure Bilder kreativ in Szene setzen!

Beach Memory Jar- we can take a picture of all the girls at the beach early then send it to Walgreens to be printed from our phones and throw the photos in these before they leave.

hochzeitstischdeko do it yourself kerzenständer mit blumen

Hochzeitstischdeko - stillvolle Beispiele für Ihren großen Tag

DIY Deko: So machst du deine eigenen Feen-Gläser.

Create a cute as buttons fairy in a jar lantern that can be used as a nightlight or magical accent. For complete supply list and additional information htt.

As much as I dislike birds, I've been really digging flamingos. I mean I am a Floridian now... And I WANT THIS BIKE

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Für den Esstisch...

um lustre original para a varanda DIY: Simple Succulent Chandelier! I love for succulents so I think this is a very cute idea for any porch or outdoor space needing sprucing up!

Beach Tropical Seashell inspired lighted bottle for in/outdoor decorating

With a beautiful glass diffuser (the bit at the top) and a dark brown metal finish, these solar stake lights are built to last.