Jason Ray
Weitere Ideen von Jason
Waffled Furniture Anyone? I would absolutely buy this for Father's Day! Not for sale though.
What kid wouldn't want to eat.
Solar Window Charger. Great for traveling too.
Baking pan that forms any shape because the bottom is magnets that stick to a baking sheet! This could be great fun to use. Love the use of magnets.
The stunning Druida BBQ by Mermelada Estudio of Spain. Beautifully one ups the Weber and is perfect for girls who grill too.
Tray Chic  Evaluate where family members tend to dump their stuff as they enter the house. Still not sure even the signage will encourage my family to be neat, but always worth a try.
multi-function shoes. Interesting form and function. Great idea for traveling.
I see teens do this all the time. Ugly looking though.
Tear and Share USB