New @ Eclectic Artisans. 4 Elemental Gemstone Quarter Stone Sets. Each stone has the corresponding alchemical symbol upon it. Each stone is 1.5 inches & every set comes with a pouch to store them. Perfect for your altar! .... Earth: Green Aventurine Air: Clear Quartz  Fire: Red Jasper Water: Lapis-Lazuli

Our elemental stone quarter markers are beautifully carved with the alchemical symbols associated with the element. Each of the elemental stones comes with a corresponding stone as well to represent t

Schürze - Alchemist - Steampunk - Leder

RESERVED for Saul - Leather Apron - Alchemist - Steampunk

Unique jewelry, fashion accessories and gadgets that support the Steampunk Idealistic Lifestyle

potion case for belt

Triple Potion Holder reserved for Colin Bruce

alchemist box  Wonder how hubby will feel about me taking his briefcase..........

alchemist box- it's just a cool idea for a way to carry things in a LARP

Witch Cupboard:  "#Witch #Briefcase N1," by FraterOrion, at deviantART.

Magickal Ritual Sacred Tools: "Witch Briefcase by ~FraterOrion.

Great for Larp, Steampunk, or Renaissance Faires~~~~~~~Steampunk Alchemist Bandolier/Belt by Versalla on Etsy

Could re-purpose the bottles for practical tools related to my work. Steampunk Alchemist Bandolier/Belt by Versalla on DeviantArt

The Alchemist's Holster - A Belt Holster for Boffer Weapons

The Alchemist's Holster - A Belt Holster for Boffer Weapons