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a black card with eyes and stars hanging from it's side on a white background
Camp/nighttime SWAP. Will attach a label on the back saying "when the camp fire goes out..." #SWAPS #GirlScouts
a close up of a paper ghost with eyes and a purple bow on it's head
BOO! A Halloween Ghost SWAP! #SWAPS #GirlScouts
a hand holding a small bag of white sugar in it's left side with a tag attached to it
Clean Camping
Girl Scout Swap Ideas | Visit swaps4less.ecrater.com #SWAPS #GirlScouts
green felt handprints with pink hearts on them and pins in the shape of hands
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Troop Promise Swap #SWAPS #GirlScouts
four paper bag puppets with eyes and mouths hanging from hooks on a purple background,
Photo Storage
Art Smiley Face Smores Girl Scout SWAPs girl-scouts #SWAPS #GirlScouts
the instructions for how to make a girl scout's super hero swaps necklace
Superhero Girl Scout SWAPS Made From Pop Tabs - The Suburban Mom
These Superhero Girl Scouts Swaps are perfect for Camporee. Plus you can make a ton for less than $10! Perfect for a Brownie activity. #SWAPS #GirlScouts
several colorful pins with smiley faces on them and the words, inc worm swap
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Inchworm SWAP! #SWAPS #GirlScouts
the paper circles are cut out and placed on top of each other with holes in them
DIY Daytime Constellations
Love this idea for our first overnight!!
button owls made with buttons and feathers
Button Owl Craft
Button Owl Craft #SWAPS #GirlScouts
the caterpillars are all different colors and sizes, but they can be used to make crafts
Girl Scout SWAPS! Colored pipe cleaners, fake leaves, googley eyes.. Just wrap pipe cleaners around a pencil to make caterpillars, glue eyes, glue to leaf, add safety pins and swap! #SWAPS #GirlScouts
two pieces of paper with flowers cut out of it and some scissors on the side
Nature Pins for Swapping
Create your own SWAPs using flowers and leaves found in nature. Fun SWAP for Girl Scout Junior Flower badge. Directions available at MakingFriends.com #SWAPS #GirlScouts
the steps to make paper plates with scissors and other crafting supplies on top of them
Wonderful DIY Hat Hairclip Out Of Plastic Cap
Wonderful DIY Hat Hairclip Out Of Plastic Cap | WonderfulDIY.com #SWAPS #GirlScouts
minion clothespin craft made from construction paper
Minion Clothespin Craft for Kids
Minion Craft for Kids - Clothespin Craft #SWAPS #GirlScouts
four leaf clovers are arranged on a table
10 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes for Working Moms
St. Patrick's Day Felt Clovers #SWAPS #GirlScouts #StPatricksDay #Clover
blue hearts with white daisies and yellow centers are arranged in a pattern on a table
Daisy Scouts Swaps #SWAPS #GirlScouts
a close up of a brooch on a table next to a penny and book
WAGGGS friendship knot SWAPS
WAGGGS Friendship knot SWAPS for Girl guides and Girl Scouts. #SWAPS #GirlScouts
four different types of pies on a white table top, one is made out of felt and the other has been sewn
Bottlecap Pies
Finally an idea for seed beads that won't be super difficult to do! Bottlecap Pies - Girl Scout SWAPS Ideas#SWAPS #GirlScouts
three banners that say swapps and have different designs on them
Swapping Pins Banners
Girl Scout SWAP Banners. Great way to keep your SWAPs nice and tidy. #SWAPS #GirlScouts
four bags filled with different types of items in them on top of a blue surface
COUNTRIES with FAMOUS BEACHES! Beach in a Bag w/Crab Scout SWAPS Girl Kit-Swaps4Less
COUNTRIES with FAMOUS BEACHES! Beach in a Bag #SWAPS #GirlScouts
several bottle caps with words on them sitting on top of a blue table covered in silver glitter
bottle cap brooch tutorial
Beautiful way to upcycle bottle caps. Drop the flower and pin and just leave these painted bottle caps for strangers to find. #SWAPS #GirlScouts
two pieces of tinsel next to a penny on a table with the words make new friends, but keep the old one is silver and the other is gold
SWAPS ideas
Tracy's Guiding Blog: SWAPS ideas #SWAPS #GirlScouts
a group of small colorful kites sitting on top of a pink background with the words swags - a - lot written below them
Mini Bright Bandana Girl Scout SWAPS Kids Craft Kit makes 50
Camping Bandana SWAPS #SWAPS #GirlScouts
there is a plastic bag with some beads in it on the pink surface, and an adhesivee tag too
Tic Tac Toe in a Bag SWAP / GnG — A game and a SWAP all in one. Pull the markers out of the bag and play. Anytime. Anywhere. #SWAPS #GirlScouts
nine small magnets are arranged in the shape of babies
Make figures with polymer clay rings and cans • Simple Craft Ideas
Nesting Dolls SWAPS #SWAPS #GirlScouts
a small purple object with a sign on it that says did you hear that?
Owl & Toadstool
Girl In Sleeping Bag
three toothbrushes in a cup with the name arhan's on it
Camping SWAPs
Archery Quiver & Target SWAP