Put a mailbox in your garden to store your tools, I love this idea!

Put a mailbox in your garden

tree house with hammocks underneath

Fort Friday

Forget building this for kids, build it for me!My old neighbors had a tree fort kinda like this.

Make This Playhouse For Kids

Kids' Rooms Designed for Play

Playhouse for kids filled with tons of little features - -- Climbing wall -so many playhouses but this is the first one I've seen that takes advantage of the outside space.

If I can't find an actual double-sided sink to recess into a table for our outdoor mud pie kitchen, we can totally do this with plastic bins.

Easy kiddie kitchen sinks: find a table, cut two holes, insert plastic tubs - can't find this on the link but the picture pretty much tells you what to do! Great idea for outdoor play space In the summer

Pallet playhouse | 1001 Pallets

Charming, Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse

Discover 25 amazing ways to recycle pallets in your garden as Kids Pallet Playhouses, Huts or Cabins. Perfect inspiration for your DIY project ideas!

PVC tunnels & brick roads for outdoor play - so cool

Creating An Outdoor Play Haven

Outdoor play space for kids. PVC pipe for cars and trucks!my garden will have things like this for the kids to play in!

Making this for Ella ;; mud kitchen - simple, perfect= hours of play! I had one growing up!

Mud kitchen (also known as an outdoor kitchen or mud pie kitchen) is one of the best resources in DIY projects for kids to play outside as kids playhouse.

Leopoldina Haynes Garden

I love the idea of using baskets in soft-grey rattan for planting. These have been simply lined with plastic bin bags, with their bottoms pierced for drainage. -- Modern Country Style: Leopoldina Haynes' Small Garden Click through for details.

Insektenhotel und Kräutergarten in eins aus Paletten gebaut

Raised beds ~ Nice setup that shows how a very small area can get both a kitchen garden with insect hotel, mini greenhouses and mini garden

Pour les enfants, une jolie cabane de jeux en palettes. Au vu de la photo, le chien l'a adoptée ^^

Eli's Pallet Shack