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Cute boots and socks

I really don’t know what I’m going to do when the weather gets warmer and crazy layers + cute socks ceases to be practical….it’s always such a bittersweet change! 🌷 ☀️ The boyfriend gifted me these.

Fußkette Fußkette Armreif Körperschmuck von AlenaStavtseva

anklet - body jewelry - ankle jewelry - bird jewelry - gift for her - gift for woman - hummingbird - silver jewelry - anklet bangle To find your size, please measure the foot - the narrowest point just above the ankle. The kit can be bought: - Upper a

Paar von Draht gewickelt Ohr Manschette fliegen an den Rand

A pair of ear cuffs made of silverplated copper wire and cristal beads. These ear wraps are worn behing your ear like a Blue Tooth device and earrings wire wrapped earrings earrings