Perspektive typo

I love the use of depth and perspective in these pieces. // I love how unique this is. There is a lot of geometry and perspective work done throughout these words. I like that it is very in depth and complicated.


Collaborative Class Project - Each student reinvents an alphabet letter or two as some kind of illusionary surreal object - suggested by the shape of the letter - image inspiration: octopus ampersand by Vane Blackwhale, via Behance

Kohle/Grafit Zeichnung Nacht Mädchen Rücken Stern pflücken

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." A little doodle by Charlie-Bowater for one the most beautiful lines from any poem, The Old Astronomer by Sarah Williams.

Song of the Sea art by Jacqueline Malvin

Song of the Sea art by Jacqueline Malvin💕✨loved the art, & songs of this movie

hydrangea tattoo black and white - Google Search

Size: x A wooden framed rubber stamp to show someone you think they are special. Features indexed edges for a firm grip and easy placement and a contoured image to prevent ink shad

Words as images

Words as images

Words as images/Visual Puns. Simple and clever use of type along with other elements and principles of design to communicate the meaning of words. The type treatments are simple, yet layered with meaning.