I would love to get this done with my future husband. I've always loved this quote

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I would love to get this as a tattoo with my future husband. I'll take the "you keep me safe" & he knows he'd get the "I'll keep you wild"! I've always loved this quote!


Some of my best friend are on TV.Finishing a TV series on Netflix and thinking "I'm really gonna miss these guys," as if the characters are somehow now your friends. Yep, happens all the time!

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Charles Bukowski, An Almost Made up Poem. «She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.

Du. Einfach nur Du. ♡ ich liebe dich.

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I have a Phoenix Tattoo on my chest. How did I ever know it would have so much…

I have a Phoenix Tattoo picked out. How did I ever know it would have so much meaning later in life?

Leben auf dem Flur …

who tries to keep all doors open will spend his life on the corridor

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Handle, als wäre scheitern unmöglich. - Act as if failure is impossible.

Enjoyinggg matchy outfits but on a more important note. Who the fudge is gonna win Love Island? A - fashioninflux

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Manchmal bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob ich wirklich Freizeit habe, oder etwas vergessen habe zu erledigen.

Sometimes I'm not sure if I actually do have free time, or if I forgot to do something.