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Fairy tail, Natsu X Lucy, "I will protect Lucy's future"

This is only one example of why it can only be Natsu/Lucy! I mean, just look at Natsu! You can see the determination, fear, love and protection in his eyes! I mean, Natsu is CRYING!

Not quite right I always loved Jellal even when he was evil I only hated him when he said he had a fiancée

Before i used to hate Laxus sooo much and my friend hated Gajeel so bad she wanted to kill him XD now Laxus is my anime crush and Gajeels is my friend's senpai for life XD

LOL, Erza.  I am sure I would react the same way if placed in that awful situation

Erza can defeat 100 monsters without losing a step and can get defeated by this! Trust me I would too if I lived trying to defeat 100 monsters!