sunlight underwater photo ~~~ A Life Less Ordinary ~~~ Via Lots of Photography pics

This is a picture of sun rays shining underneath water. I chose this picture because I thought it was really beautiful with the streaks that the light made through the water and the shadows that the light created on the sand.

minty ocean

Color 💙 Looking straight down as the wave crashes into the sand, the sand swirling underneath making it's own pattern of shades of the ocean.


Really like the imperfections of this hand rendered type. It has been created using a paint brush.

The tidal seas constant movement offer a sanctuary of sound and space

be free. this is one place I can feel my spirit soar and my heart swell with love for the life I have, the air in my lungs, the heart beating in my chest. I feed my soul from the sight and smell and sound of the ocean.

Eddie Vedder-Pearl Jam

Afternoon eye candy: Eddie Vedder (31 photos)

I would hang out on the beach while Eddie surfs, under a big beach umbrella, drinking margaritas.