Embossing Stamp

Rather than spend money on buying monogrammed napkins for every event, get an embosser with a great monogram and just emboss cheap party napkins. - not like i ever monogram napkins, but this is a good idea.

tealllll. yep,love it.

Girl About Scranton Sleeveless Tunic in Polka Dots

Get ahead of the curve this season with a stylish tunic that's easy to wear & easy to pair. Shop ModCloth for tunics perfect for any occasion on any day.

kiel james patrick sailor knot bracelet

Shop Kiel James Patrick Briggs Tide Triton Knot Rope Bracelet and more Men's Jewelry from all the best online stores.

lavender in old paper

Vintage French Book Cone with Dried French Lavender and dried blue hydrangea so pretty especially to the creamy shutter background!

OliveBox - like birchbox but for stationery lovers. new papery surprises each month.

introducing olivebox

The stationary subscription service-each month you "receive a delightful box of paper & lifestyle products delivered to your front door each month.

Monserat De Lucca Measuring Tape Bracelet

Measuring Tape Bracelet

Unique bracelet cuff Monserat De Lucca Measuring Tape Bracelet Jones thought of u when i saw this.

Acrylic Stapler from russell+hazel

Buy your Acrylic Stapler with Gold Accents by russell+hazel here. Your stapler has never looked so sleek! This Acrylic Stapler will add a chic look to your desktop.

Kork-Ease Gwen Wedge

Kork-Ease 'Gwen' Sandal available at Nordstrom. Can't decide if these are cute or ugly.

Matt Bernson Charlie Wedge

Charlie Wedge Sandals

Sea NY navy embroidered dress

The Webster is a luxury multi-brand fashion house operating five physical boutiques in the U.

Olloclip Quick-Connect Lens Solution (Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens, Wide-angle Lens)for iPhone 4 / 4S

This is the Ollaclip, a three in one lens for your iPhone or It's a wide-angle lens and it also incorporates a macro and a fisheye. It's small, it's neat and the macro lens especially can deliver amazing shots.