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there are many different types of dolls on the white paper sheet that is laying on the ground
Alle Produkte
there are many small figurines on display in the window sill with trees outside
Faserverbunds Messen und Märkte
a display case filled with lots of different types of toothbrushes and other items
Faserverbunds Messen und Märkte
a table topped with lots of glass vases and hanging decorations on it's sides
Faserverbunds Messen und Märkte
Faserverbund Stuttgart Fingerpuppen handgefilzt
there is a small stuffed animal next to a cactus
Fingerpuppe Nashorn -
"Rhino meets the little cactus."
a close up of a red stuffed animal on a wooden surface with wood planks
Fingerpuppe Hummer -
"It is lobster Monday!"
five felt dolls are lined up in a row
Fingerpuppe lila Fledermaus -
"Get the purple bat for Halloween!"
two yellow stuffed toys sitting on top of a tree branch
"In the olive grove"
some plants and stuffed animals on a table
Fingerpuppe Hummer -
"The lobster and some things lying around."