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"You'd better behave, Justice . I need you alive, but I can work with you dead." Odisse being a psychopath.


Lavinia wears a high-necked dress both as a symbol of her chaste virtue and as a symbol of the figurative collar she wears as her father's daughter and as a woman growing up in this time.

Tú los ocultas al amparo de tu rostro  de las intrigas de los hombres;   y los escondes en tu Tienda de campaña,   lejos de las lenguas pendencieras.

Ashley) I sit playing Home from Beauty and the Beast the musical. I had an audition in a couple days and was trying to practice as much as possible. I play the chords on the piano and start to sing, not knowing your there. I continue to play and you.


"Unfortunately Monday's events reflected poorly on my character, and trust me when I say that in normal cases I exhibit much more elegance." Spencer said smoothly. I coughed." "Yea, sorry I just go some bullshît stuck in my throat.