Im Bilderrahmen

Such a fun way to look back at highlights from the year while counting down the days till Christmas! Could also use photos from past Christmas memories.

Adventskalender aus verschiednene aufgeschnittenen Rollen: Tannenbild

Inspired by Martha

PVC Christmas tree wall art ~ This unique Christmas Tree creation is a fun way to display leftover Holiday ornaments & trinkets. All you need are different size PVC pipes cut into rings & a reclaimed piece of wood to mount your creation on!

schöner, schlichter Adventskalender!

Pegs and bags for the Christmas Advent Calender.we also love the idea of including 'acts of kindness' or charity to do each leading up to Christmas. Great learning tool for the kids too.

Adventskalender mit Wäscheklammern!

17 Calendarios de Adviento caseros, fáciles y bonitos para niños

DIY Little Gift Rack made from a simple piece of 1 x 4 or 6 inch wood and clothes pins painted white. Would lbe perfect for the Days of Christmas" or Advent Itry to do this every year with my kids!

Advent Calendar No.  13 - Newsprint & Masking Tapes I adventcalender I Casa di Falcone

Adventskalender No. 13 - Zeitungspapier & Masking Tapes

So many cool ideas! 24 Creative Homemade Advent Calendars still searching for a creative advent calendar for our family. Some really great ideas here. I better get on it!