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Exclusive: Samuel Larsen + Benito are Runaway Boys by Kira Bucca

Samuel wears scarf stylist’s own, jeans Levi’s and shirt Clade.

Writing body language

Writing body language

I remember reading this part in theur biography! Amd now everytime the word "boys" is said in a MCR song I can't help but think of Ray!

They don't hate Ray but he did wake them up early a bit. He was so dedicated to the band and the other members well being he was almost like a father.

this is something you do that doesn't scare the shit outta me  ~colorless void~

The killjoy dna. we all have it Mcrmy *internet hugs* :)>> I do and always will. I'm a killjoy forever.<<<<Killjoys will never die<<<u guys today is the anniversery of mcrs death