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Aloha Sprinklerinos, Merry Monday to you! I hope you all had good weekends. Most of my focus has been on my upcoming trip to LA. I\'m flying out on Wednesday for Vidcon and then to spend a week .

For GRILLING steak - I start the grill, heat up on high for 5+ minutes before putting the steak on.  I cook on MED. We like our steaks less pink  Medium to Medium Well, so we add 2 minutes per side.  (And 2 minutes or more per side if they are extra thick steaks).  Only flip ONCE.  Add a pat of butter  dash of salt, and no Steak Sauce needed.

Make the perfect steak! I wish Restaurants will get this right. I love my steak Medium Rare. I normally receive it medium well according to this picture.

sure-and-steadfast: Pack lighter, go further.

I'm Bre Obsessed With: Vinyl Records Triumph Motorcycles Rain Music Art History Adventure Alaska Mountains Beards Kinfolk Simplicity Lumberjacks Hiking Fleet Foxes Seattle Travel Coffee Folk Patagonia.


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Stretching to both the length and width of my mind through experiences.

cover wooden boards with wallpaper, and then take sandpaper to it.

Cover wooden boards with wallpaper then take sandpaper to it. Would be great on any wood project---table, bench, chair, picture frames, maybe even a floor that you would satin varnish over.