This is a real pose, honest. Have to hold for 15 seconds....

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.

50 Random Cute and Funny pictures of animals. Oh, and I totally have a picture of my pets doing this same exact thing. lol

Funny Cats and Dogs.Dog is always staying enemy of Cat.I have one Dog that always bark after the cat.My cat and my dog have big problem for .

"How do I get in this thing? -- Nice lips! Trying to get the pumpkin down, this giraffe looks like he's one hungry animal."

'I'm a pretty pumpkin puppy!' - Cute and funny Halloween animal pics

A giraffe enjoys a Halloween pumpkin treat at London Zoo Picture: Tony Kyriacou / Rex Features

"The common folk saying "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" is taken from the era when gifting horses was common. The teeth of a horse are a good indication of the age of the animal, and it was considered rude to inspect the teeth of a gifted animal as you would one that you were purchasing. The saying is used in reference to being an ungrateful gift receiver."

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Awww.. but this is Jimmy says sorry>> good manners but dosen't quiet get the meaning, because he ends up in time out in 5 mins later..good thing for repetition. :)

"Not sure why human upset. I thought I was being a good raccoon." - Despite how very much I love raccoons, I don't think they should be kept as pets. It's the rare person who has one as a pet who understands them and lets them act like raccoons should.

Funny animal pictures

omg this husky is like the random trust fall guy! (if you want to see the random trust fall guy the video is linked in my Great Video's board) Funny Animals Pics)

K so you guys know that lisp/voice thing that Cole and Jake do? Yeah... I immediately read this picture in that voice... I'm scared.

Funny pictures about And the dog face of the year goes to. Oh, and cool pics about And the dog face of the year goes to. Also, And the dog face of the year goes to.

SAYINGS OF FUNNY STUFF | Funny Pictures Of Animals Doing Funny Things - IntraDayFun

Do mice eat cheese? Let's find out. Everything you never needed to know about mice, cheese and whether or not they eat the stuff.

Funny Animal Pictures – Part I~ 23 Pics | Broke Girls Do Bad ThingsBroke Girls Do Bad Things

Hahahhaha this ones hilarious! I don't always fart when you have company - funny and serious dog sitting in chair

Funny photo of a dog talking to the baby which is listening and doing every single thing the animal says. First the baby is giving hand, then sitting.

Funny pictures about Best friends forever. Oh, and cool pics about Best friends forever. Also, Best friends forever photos.

Looks exactly like my Loki. And that's something he would totally do.

Crazy cat chasing a red ballon on the ceiling. I can see no way in which this carefully laid plan could ever fail.

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Funny pictures about Planking puppy. Oh, and cool pics about Planking puppy. Also, Planking puppy photos.