Heart made with birds in the sky how cool is this I love it

"Corvallis, OR the Heart of the Valley. Marys Peak in the background. Love is in the air." Spadoni Spadoni Spadoni Hadley amazing romantic valentines day heart picture created by a flock of starlings in the sky.art from nature

malen lernen coole bilder zum nachmalen

This picture clearly represents a woman's face even though there is no outline of a head. The only features are the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth, and that's all we need to conclude that it's a face.

Mit Minions heizen

This metal is informal. It is an outdoor oven in the shape of a minion, the shape is making it informal, but fun.

Estorninos cerca de, Logroño, España. Dia de Navidad. ____________________________ Starlings near Logroño, Spain. Christmas Day.

The Hertzsprung–Russell diagram, "the way in which stars undergo sequences of dynamic and radical changes over time"