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a knight riding on the back of a brown horse next to a red cross flag
Cavalry ∙ Horse ∙ Cavalry Charge ∙ Medieval Aesthetic ∙ Medieval Horse ∙ Epic Motivation ∙ Motivate
GERMAN CRUSADER Medieval Knight, Armor, Knight Orders
Larp, Samurai, Rpg
Teutonic Knight by JLazarusEB on DeviantArt
Historical Armor, Medieval Armor, Fantasy Armor, Teutonic Knights, Fantasy Warrior, Templar Knight
Gewandung Mittelalter
Knights Templar Symbols, Armour, Medieval History
The Lost Treasure Chest
a drawing of a man dressed in armor and holding two swords
A Seljuk Turk heavy cavalryman
Art by Zvonimir Grbasic from "The Templars at War".
an image of the emblems for different types of helmets and swords, all in various colors
Evolution of the European Knight @
an old castle with two towers and grass
Château de Sarzay
vivre à cossaye: Château de Sarzay
Military, The Grandmaster, Adam And Eve
The Guilt of the Gnostic Knights Templar: The Chinon Parchment