Dipp Karotten Paprika Tomaten Gurken =lecker

9 Stuffed-Avocado Recipes For Almost Every Meal of the Day

How funny. Food art with grape tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and carrots shaping into an owl. Please also visit www. for colorful inspirational Art. Thank you so much!

Apple Roses I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree

Apple Roses I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree (Paleo Recipes Dessert)

Tomate Mozarella mit frischem Basilikum als Marienkäfer <3

Bugs life Ladybug Caprese Bites via fabfoodist: Cherry Tomatoes + Black Olives + Basil + Mozzarella + Reduced Balsamic Vinegar (Make dots with toothpicks)


What a brilliant fruity peacock - fab, fun and healthy idea

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Tropical fruit plate - kiwi, banana, sm oranges arranged to make palm trees - cute idea for luau party snack - 1 tree/kid

Fruit Turkey Snack--- except make a peacock instead of turkey by adding purple grapes and maybe do a dark pear body...

9 Healthy and Fun Easter Snacks for Kids!

Fruit Peacock [Fun Food For Kids] (Pears and grapes are a great source of fiber but kids will just think this is FUN! Healthy food lets kids produce healthy poo that makes easier.

Nur mit blauen Untergrund

30 Creative Ideas For Food Presentation

Foto: Dekorative und leichte Rezept Idee für Fingerfood Rezepte. Super Idee Mozzarella mit Party Tomaten und Basilikum mal ganz anders präsentiert.. Veröffentlicht von Leonie auf Spaaz.de

** These delicious and beautiful Caprese hors d'oeuvres will be great for a girl's night, birthday party or any party for that matter.