Fairytale inspired drawings by Jeremy Hush

Assuming the Crow Spirit. Art by Jeremy Hush. The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic. Crows serve as totems and spirit guides during many shamanistic rituals.

Edmund Dulac, illustration from The Little Mermaid

- Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Edmund Dulac. Edmund Dulac Fairy Tale Illustrations at Art Passions.

Verawilli: Haus in Berlin-Schöneberg

thevisualvamp: “ salantami: “ Haus in Berlin-Schöneberg ” Street art is sexy ”

A beautiful underwater illustration by Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham ~ Jewels from the Deep ~ According to Arthur Rackam: A Biography by James Hamilton, p. this watercolor painting may be associated with Undine, which Rackham was illustrating in

The Star - Crystal Tarot

The Star: The Crystal Tarot The stars behind her represent Chakras- one large plus seven smaller. This symbolizes a need to open your chakras and cleanse your aura. The Stars with 8 points are a(Whats Your Favorite)

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“I am a creature of the Fey Prepare to give your soul away My spell is passion and it is art My song can bind a human heart And if you chance to know my face My hold shall be your last embrace. I shall be thy lover" -Heather Alexander

Ergebnisse bei Neumeister: Heilende Steine - Kunstmarkt - FAZ

Ergebnisse bei Neumeister: Heilende Steine - Kunstmarkt- FAZ (This is pretty much what the selkie pod's sea cave looks like, with land banks to raise the young on.

Arthur Rackham, illustrator

Sabrina - Fair Goddess of the Severn

“ Arthur Rackham ~ Sabrina Rises, Attended by Water-Nymphs ~ Comus by John Milton ~ Doubleday ~ 1921 ”

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, Death. IN GIRUM IMUS NOCTE ET CONSUMIMUR IGNI - “Wir irren des Nachts im Kreis umher und werden vom Feuer verzehrt”

Death card from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot deck by Uusi. All cards painted by Linnea Gits and hand lettered by Peter Dunham.

XIII. Death: The Crystal Tarot -  Starting to find this deck more & more appealing...

Death: The Crystal Tarot - Starting to find this deck more & more appealing.