Hans-Joachim Engewald

Hans-Joachim Engewald

Hans-Joachim Engewald
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The techniques of Chinen Masami’s Yamani-ryū  |   Ryukyu Bugei 琉球武芸

The techniques of Chinen Masami’s Yamani-ryū

Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxers, MMA fighters and other martial artists don’t need a weapon. They are one! Check out this funny custom design on tees, shirts, mugs, pajamas, gifts and other apparel.

Are you searching for mixed martial arts Brooklyn? Amerikick martial arts offer boxing, karate, gymnastics and other fitness programs.


Tai chi progressively develops gross and subtle physical coordination, and it is one of the most sophisticated methods of integrated whole-body movement. Tai chi training can be as strenuous and in…


discipline is what keeps your whole central body and mind focused on what is at hand. never forget who you are with the help of those who guide you, that is true discipline.


Raising-Awake-Children-in-an-Antiquated-School-System-Blue-Pill-Matrix A look at problems with the system, not the students and teachers.