this water slide needs to happen!

This is how we do summer! Water slide on the beach

Campfires, Cocoa + Minnetonkas - offbeat + inspired

Campfires, Cocoa + Minnetonkas - offbeat + inspired fall or autumn photography


Step up your rosé game and try out these five pink wines that are perfect for an outdoor BBQ or even for a night of Netflix.

down you go!

19 Quintessential Summer Photos

water parks can be really fun and exciting for something different. adrenaline and a change of scenery, cool, refreshing, lots of people having fun or being silly, kids having fun.

take a group photo.

How many people can you fit in a photo booth? Especially the person on top! I would love to see what the actual picture looks like.

play with your food. #bandofun

Wanna add some flavor and thought to your valentine's day brunch? How about I LOVE YOU toast! Warning: Do not give I Love You Toast to somebody.

A Place for Fun: Colorful Carnival Slide

DIY Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket

DIY Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket

14 Blankets to Help You Picnic like a Pro via Brit + Co

Quatsch machen!

Spring chalk art: Have students work together in groups: brainstorm and sketch inside, then use a class period to draw w/ chalk on blacktop, then pose together laying on blacktop. I stand on a ladder and take their pictures!

jump jump jump on your bed. #bandofun

emergency dance party {a mix for jumping on your bed and dancing around your room, loosely inspired by Cath and Wren's emergency Kanye dance parties in Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell} // mix

DIY Clay Ice Cream Cones

DIY Clay Ice Cream Cones Could be used to make doughnut garland


Old age is no place for sissies - Bette Davis

EmmaBee Kindergeburtstag

{DIY} Ideen für den Kindergeburtstag

EmmaBee Kindergeburtstag

VSCO Grid Let's Build Something Beautiful Together To learn more, visit…

Best Friends on the Road

Photo of bffs taking pictures in a photo booth?

Mini Pool Float Drink Holders

Mini Pool Float Drink Holders (Oh Happy Day!)

Have a mini pool sitting on the table next to your food spread and instead of a cooler offer your guests drinks in funny mini blow up floaties.