Jens Müllers

Jens Müllers

Zwischen 2002 und 2003 entdeckte Jens a.k.a. J4CKPØTT das Auflegen für sich. Anfangs spielte er mit Techno Vinyls und seinem ersten Equipment. Heute spielt der
Jens Müllers
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Big, Auto Dim, Room Clock (using Arduino and

LED Strip Display Gives You Two Ways to See the Music | Hackaday

What to call this LED strip music visualizer is a puzzler. It lights up and pulsates in time with music similar to the light organs of psychedelia fame, but it’s more than that.

LED Handlauf Buche 1 Mtr ca. 60 SMD´s ( LED/SMD )

LED Handlauf Buche 1 Mtr ca. Stair handrail with LED/SMD's, approx 60 per meter. Great idea for lighting up the stairs at night or down to the cellar & a nce alternative to switching on the main lighting too ;