DESIGN MAROC | Le marque-page lumineux de Kouichi Okamoto - DESIGN MAROC

This flexible transparent bookmark turns into light when fused


Illuminated Bookmark - bookmark light is a multifunctional bookmark printed on a special film using the ink which transmits electricity.

DESIGN MAROC | Caravane par Tinycamper - DESIGN MAROC

Able to sleep two adults or four family members, the snug Tearcuby from Lithuanian-based company Tinycamper provides the ultimate way to take your home with you on holiday.

MONOQI | everyday

In the early hours of the day when the first rays of sun start to fill the sky, a morning mist takes effect, transforming the German forest into a landscape rich with inspiration for Tordis Kayma. Growing near a national park, Kayma’s passion for nature s

Praktische Objektive für mobile Fotografie

Pocket-Friendly Camera Lenses for Mobiles


the 'bookmark light' by kouichi okamoto uses a conductive ink that transmits electricity through the help of a lithium coin battery.