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boats are docked in the water near some buildings and lights at night, along with other tall buildings
Köln bei Nacht
Köln und einer seiner Häfen. repinned by www.parkett-direkt.net
two people with umbrellas walking down the street in front of a large cathedral at night
36 Hours: Cologne, Germany (Published 2012)
36 Hours - Cologne, Germany - NYTimes.com
an aerial view of many buildings in the city
16 Ideas For What To Do In Cologne, Germany
Old Town Cologne - Things to do in Cologne, Germany!
several colorful buildings line the street in front of each other
Kölner Altstadt in Cologne Germany
Kölner Altstadt in Cologne
a poster with a large cathedral in the background and seagulls flying over it
Vintage Travel Poster - Köln/Cologne - The Cathedral of Cologne - Germany.
an orange and white map of berlin, germany with the name kolin on it
Cologne map print
colorful buildings line the street in front of an old church
Cologne, Germany.
an alley way with many signs on the buildings
Colorful Signs
Cologne, Germany,
a yellow cable car going over the top of two tall towers
Die schönsten Ecken Deutschlands
Kölner Seilbahn kreuzt den Rhein in Köln und offenbart einen wundervollen Blick über Köln. An speziellen Tagen ist sie sogar nachts geöffnet. repinned by www.parkett-direkt.net
people sitting on the grass in front of buildings
Kölner Altstadt / #Cologne Old Town ©KölnTourismus GmbH, Dieter Jacobi
the words home is where the dorm is written in red and pink on a yellow background
Home is where the Dom is!
a red sign that says bliev ruhig und machh voran
Keep calm and carry on - op Kölsch (dialect in Cologne)
tables and chairs with umbrellas in front of an orange building