Bulbs and book pages

Bulbs and book pages, but I would use newspaper maybe. The bottom of this soup tureen is even covered with book pages.

Ballon met gips insmeren.dan schaal vullen met eier schalen. Bloemetjes erin

EASTER deco: tree disk, moss, big egg (balloon technique with plaster or concrete)

Etagère decoreren met bloembollen en mos.

Small mini-landscapes on the cake stand with Perlhyazinthen - do something different & amazing with a 3 tiered stand

Savvy Southern Style: In the Sun Room - nest / cloche with the twig on the outside of it

2015-02-14 magnolia tak - mos eitjes.jpg

Photo diary: de woonweek van Lida Klever - de Hart

2015-02-14 magnolia tak - mos eitjes.jpg


Not many words today, just fresh spring pictures and Easter Greetings. These fabulous crochet goose eggs are a gift from dear Betty .