Reusable Swiffer dusters! Made from micro fleece, works even better than the disposables and they can be washed and reused over and over.

Great Money Saver♥Washable Hand Duster Refill for Swiffer~Made from 4 layers of micro fleece~Looks easy enough to make :D


Good Things for Painting

Slide a rubber band over an open paint can, then gently wipe the bottom of the brush against the band each time you dip. No more paint dripping down the sides of the can!

Must include something like this in my personal journal... (Pepper and Twine)

Must include something like this in my personal journal. (Pepper and Twine) // art journal inspiration

Geschmolzene Crayon Kunst Girl Blasen von TreatYourselfCrafty

This beautiful picture of a girl blowing bubbles is made using a 6 or a 5 x 7 canvas and melted crayon crayons.

Taschentücher für Freudentränen schnell und hübsch selbstgebastelt. Hier im Kirchenheft.

Freudentränen & Taschentücher - Drei Bastelideen

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